2023 Topps Finest Baseball Flashback

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Join Topps on another flashback to forever iconic 1996 Topps Finest set featuring one of the original groundbreaking and eclectic sets of designs, rarity structures, and refractor parallels. Collect the entire 200-card Base Set tiered across a variety of different subset designs and rarities with 100-card Bronze, 50-card Silver, 25-card Gold, and 25-card SP Legends Gold sets. Be on the lookout for rare Refractor, Refractor Protector, and Superfractor Parallels of the entire Base Set, and keep an eye out for super rare Finest Autograph cards.

Box Breakdown:

  • One Refractor Parallel Card per Box
  • Two Gold Border Cards per Box
  • Five Cards per Pack
  • Twenty Packs per Box